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"Lidová muzika z Chrástu"

is a folklore ensemble consisting mainly of students and graduates from Chrást music school. Chrást is a village situated near Plzeň (Pilsen) in the Western Bohemia.

The group tries to present preserved elements of traditional culture to contemporary audiences. The aim of the ensemble is not only a technically perfect interpretation of folk art, but a authenticity of expression of each musician and the whole band. Lidová muzika z Chrástu perform in conventionalized costumes based on dresses of Pilsen burghers of the late 19th century. There is the effort to wear costumes of various colours to make each member on the stage uninterchangeable.

The groundwork of the repertoire is made up by folk songs of South and West Bohemia, with a few regional and genre excursions. The band is typically formed by string and wind instruments, including Czech bagpipes which are sometimes accompanied by modern instruments or nontraditional percussions. The band actively participates in cultural life of Chrást and the whole region, takes part in folklore festivals both in the Czech Republic and abroad and performs at all sorts of other events.

Nowadays, Lidová muzika z Chrástu is the only folklore ensemble in the Czech Republic, which regularly plays Sorbian folk songs. Sorbians are the smallest Slavanian nation living in Eastern Germany. The band took part in several folklore festivals in Lusatia in last years.

In 2009 Lidová muzika z Chrástu made a film “Hledání“ ( Searching ), inspired by folk songs and the countryside of West Bohemia. A year later, the ensemble’s profile CD called ”Milostné“ ( Love Songs) was finished. In 2012, the band worked up songs of so called "Czech national isle" near Stříbro. There were mostly so far unpublished scores from the beginning of the 20th century, which were adjusted and recorded on the CD “Sulislavskej kostelíčku“.

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